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The beginning of our 30th year

Dr. Alan Katz, Director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Do you remember how you celebrated your 30th year (or if you aren’t there yet, have you thought about how you would celebrate)? Today marks the beginning of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy’s 30th year. Now is not a good time to celebrate as society reels from the impact of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, so we will begin this year of celebration quietly but stay tuned as we roll out a year of reflection on past events, celebration of past achievements, contemplation of new challenges and directions and analysis of the state of research into health and social wellbeing in Canada and beyond.

We are not planning a big party. As is the Manitoba way, our acknowledgement of how far we have come will be understated. We do however want to recognize those whose vision, persistence and success got us to where we are today.

This is a time to brag a bit (for example three pioneering women with the order of Canada), to give thanks to those who led the way, to recognize the people who make MCHP what it is and to put all of that in the context of our current challenges. This is a tall order but we intend to spend a year doing it all. We invite you to join us in any way you choose. Send us your blog about your experience with MCHP, share photos you may have, describe sentinel events as you recall them or just tell us your favorite story.

While many people know MCHP for the breadth of the data we hold in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository, I most appreciate the people who make MCHP what it is. From the very beginning (and I know this because some of those folks are still working at MCHP!) it has been our greatest strength. We do have a unique Repository with both social and health data, but that is because of the relationships those people have forged with decision makers and data custodians, and the value add the analyses done with those data have brought to Manitobans. Creativity has always been one of the strengths of MCHP researchers, analysts and support staff. All Manitobans benefit from those analyses and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this legacy.

We will have a public event towards the end of the year of celebration. We hope to see you there, but don’t wait till then to be in touch. To contribute to our 30th anniversary blog please contact Jennifer Pepneck (

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